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Top 10 places you don’t want to be known by name as a parent

  1. The doctor’s office: And yet we are, every last one of them! Even the on call doc knows me and my girls.

  2. School main office: Either they will ask for too much or you’ve already done enough.

  3. Costco: You are getting eaten out of house and home, and John the manager knows it.

  4. Target: I know you only went in for toilet paper and goldfish, so why is Samantha at register 4 helping you maneuver the ottoman and plastic oversized bins into your cart around your two small children who are now climbing into the oversized bin you really should not take home and fill with more junk?!

  5. Krispy Kreme (Dunkin' Donuts for my east coast readers): Just walk away...there are better ways to deal with stress or less sugary ways to bribe our children.

  6. Hobby Lobby: But there's less guilt when I leave with 2,000 popsicle sticks, 7 sizes of googly eyes, and a ridiculous amount of glue because they're a Christian company so I'm over buying for a good cause.

  7. Corner gas station: Time for the big kids to walk or make some new friends with big cars. Carpool got cool when your gas became $6/gallon.

  8. The pizza place in town: I promise I cook dinner for my family on school nights and my children know how to identify broccoli.

  9. Over-sized hampster tunnels also know as indoor play places for kids: I don't always pay for my kids to play. Sometimes they're at school. Or the neighbor's house.

  10. The candy store: Because they have your toddler's picture behind the counter on the watch list. Whose idea was it to put bulk jelly beans at toddler height in the first place?!

The jelly bean thief at the doctor…again.

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