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“You make it look easy.”

Ha! Being a full time mom to four girls 7 and under…easy?! I uncomfortably laugh in your face because you’re ridiculous, plus I’m a little peeved you’re passing off my hard work as “easy” or assuming “it comes natural to you.” Being a full time mom to four little creatures is a lot of things, and easy is certainly not one of them.

This is us. Lots of hair to wash in this house of little women. It's an assembly line every Wednesday.

I don’t try to look like a Pinterest mom…anymore. To be truly honest I kinda did when I had 2 kids, but after living through the constant fear of an infant with undiagnosed central sleep apnea, looking like we had it together was the least of my priorities. But that’s a whole other post- or fifty posts- kids and their illnesses and how it breaks your mom heart to pieces. After living through 6 months of four hospitalizations between two kids 2 and under (one of those being an infant whose brain sometimes forgot to tell her to BREATHE) I was no longer concerned about being Pinterest perfect. I was determined to bring mothers together in all our messy glory to support each other in our darkest hours. That’s when I sheepishly started a Mom group at capital city baptist church in Mexico City. I wanted other moms to feel the love and support I was offered from my church family in the most trying time of my life. I wanted to make sure no mother friend of mine went through those long, terrifying days alone.

So that’s where I’m at. In all the free time I don’t have I want to start a blog that puts it all out there- the ugly truth of my greatest mom fails and how I learned from them, how often I ask for forgiveness from my girls at bedtime, where I’ve found wisdom and encouragement, battlefield stories, my slightly unconventional upbringing as a TCK (third culture kid), and the occasional poop story because you know every moms got a good poop story we can laugh about. And half the time laughter is the only way to power through the literally and figuratively messy days.

Because life is messy this is how we’re living right now. I resisted the urge to tidy at all to show you even neat freak me gets messy. My husband has been in 3 countries and 5 cities in 5 days so his suitcase remains. Our AC broke so kids came with us where the air worked. Then the oldest spiked a fever so she stayed on the floor and the baby is still in with us and waking at least once a night. We remodeled our bedroom, closet and bathroom and I forgot the small detail of curtains. So our beautifully remodeled space that took eight months to finish has kids sheets in the windows until further notice.

Here’s a poop story for you- When my oldest, Dahlia was about 1, we were old school (and codos- Spanish for cheap) with just a noise monitor- no video. She woke from her nap and I could hear her happily talking to herself in true Dahlia fashion, so I left her to get a few things done around the house. Why take a caged happy baby out of her cage, right? WRONG. When I finally came for her I found her finger painting with her own poop. We’re talking poop all over the crib, walls, sheets, and proud poop painting Dahlia. I’m embarrassed to say this was not the only occasion, but at the top of my registry for baby #2 was a video monitor.

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